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If your school need to use our smart card reader/ smart card / need additional service -then pay extra.

mobile based attendance management system

2020 introduced free for all mobile based attendance management system. yes it is 100% free for 1st year, send the name of the school and student data.

1. teacher need to login to cloud server and select the class section
2. by default all students are clicked prosent,
3. just remove few absent students
4. click save attendance.



cloud server + smart card reader + smart card = 350.00 per students per year. includes smart card identity cards to students + 1 wireless reader for 250 students + 100000 SMS with sender id "SCHOOL"


RFID Smart Card white 13.56 MHz

used for College ID, Gate Pass, student id cards, visitor id
price: Rs 20.00 each for less than 1000, Rs 18.00 each for more than 1000
delivery: same day free home delivery for bangalore , outside bangalore postal expense extra
rfid 13.56 Mhz smart cards
Brand New And High Quality
Size : 86*54*0.8 mm (Standard Debit/credit card size)
Access Control
Material : PVC C
Can be printed on both sides
thermal printer
Standard Color: White

printing of id cards

Printing of id cards done for bangalore only
max 2 day delivery of all the cards
Rs 50.00 per id card with card holder and neck strap
Rs 30.00 per id card without card holder and neck strap

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1. Fees Management 2. Class Management 3. Student Management 4. Student result Management 5. Employee(Teacher) Management 6. Academic year management 7. Backup of database 8. Student ID Card. 11. Employee Salary Generation. 12. Employee and student ID Card Printing 13. School Expense Management 14. BUS Management. 15. Various Report Generation.


We are wireless product company in bangalore deals with wireless VLSI and wireless embedded system. This is fully automated embedded system designed and developed in India. It includes smart school software, rfid reader, rfid card.


four models of office attendance recorder

1. smart card + desktop software - 1500.00 rupees only. smart card reader will be connected to desktop computer usb port .

2. smart card cloud based - 12000.00 first year ; 6000.00 every year. data will be upload to cloud using mobile sim

3. Biometric cloud based - 12000.00 first year ; 6000.00 every year. data will be upload to cloud using mobile sim

4. Mobile attendance - 3000.00 per year ; all employee should have smart phone to install mobile app.

Advanced embedded system assisted GSM and RFID based smart school management system
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Among the various technological devices and systems, global system for mobile communication (GSM) is believed as an efficient and fast enough technique that can perform efficient, real time object identification and fast reporting. GSM based tracking system will

Enrollment Forecasting for School Management System
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The electronic School Management System (e-SMS) of Mindanao State University Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT) is an information system that supports academic transactions in the university. Admission, curricula, pre-registration, registration, grading

The impact of public high school management system on academic achievement
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The goal of present study is to investigate the impact of school culture on academic achievement level. Specifically, the influence of school management system on students performance. The study represents the part of the National Assessment in Math. 234 public

School management system
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This project work automates school management system. In the system two applications are developed, Windows based (thick client) and Web based (thin client). The windows application takes most of the activities such as offline student registering, transcript and

Principal technology leadership practices and teacher acceptance of school management system (SMS)
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This study aims to investigate the level of principal technology leadership practices and teacher acceptance and use of SMS in Negeri Sembilan secondary schools. This is a non- experimental quantitative research using survey technique through the administration of a

The contributions of E- school a student information management system to the data processes, environment, education and economy of Turkey
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This paper is about E- school system which has a great importance in increasing the effectiveness of Turkeys Education. E- school is mainly computerized Education Management Information System . It is dynamic, web‐based Student Information

Identifying key success factors of business education system : Implications for practitioner organizations and school management
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This research focuses to identify the factors which are considered to be crucial for success of a business school from both academicians and practitioners perspective. The researcher has tried to find factors that were considered important from both stand points. The factors

Maintenance management system through strategic planning for public school in Malaysia
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The responsibilities of public property management in Malaysia including public schools are distributed among various government departments and often managed in reactive manner. Improper supervision has lead to poor performance which was due to lack of explicit

An experience in knowledge management system implementation at Indonesian leading IT school
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This paper presents the knowledge management implementation in an Indonesian leading IT school (Bina Nusantara University). We follow the knowledge management development process such as need detection, construction of corporate memory, diffusion of knowledge

Applying an alumni feedback system to adult education and the school management value chain
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Social changes have rapidly amplified information and knowledge, and popular culture has become increasingly diversified, highlighting the importance of adult education with educational and social functions. Among them, the higher is the convergence of social

Complexity theory and Macaos school curriculum management system
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This paper argues for the affinity between complexity theory and Macaos school curriculum management system . Firstly, the paper argues that complexity theory should be a paradigm rather than one unique theory, enriched with reference to the work of the French sociologist

SIS: A Framework for Distributed Information Management System for School Branches
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Abstract Information and Communication Technology brought a revolution in managing information especially business related information. The era has been changed from managing information manually to computerized information management . It becomes vital

Development of Web Based School Management Information System (A Case Study Approach)
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The Objective of this research is to analysis and design web-based school management information systems that will provide leverage for school whom need the application to support the efficiency and effectivity of learning, teaching, and administration purposes

The problems of online collaboration for junior high school students: Can the Learning Activity Management System (LAMS) benefit students to learn via online
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S Mann of 3rd International LAMS Learning lams2008sydney.lamsfoundation This paper identifies the problems incurred in online collaboration with high school students. The major problem is that the mentality of high school students using online collaboration is similar to causal chatting on MSN, which is used more for socializing than learning. This

The role of knowledge management system in school : perception of applications and benefits
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The role of knowledge management is to assure competitiveness, through capturing, storing, sharing, and utilizing knowledge in an innovative way. In this paper, discusses the role of knowledge management from the perception of application features and benefits

School Transition to the State-Social Management System Based on the Project Approach Application
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1. Burkov VN, Novikov DA How to manage projects M.: Sinteg. 188 s. 2. Voropaev VI Project Management in Russia. M.: Alans. 225 s. 3. Grej Klifford F., Larson Jerik U. Upravlenie proektami: prakt. rukovodstvo: per. s angl. M.: Delo i Servis. 528 s. 4. State and Public School

Evolution of Integrated Quality Management System at Higher School
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The objective of the paper is presentation of the evolution of quality management system development at Ural State Teachers Training University, providing achievement of the maximum compliance of parameters of higher school functioning and final results of its Conclusion The development of the personnel evaluation system for special services personnel in North Carolina exists as a case model for the implementation of the Personnel Evaluation Standards (Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation, 1988)

The Investigation of Preparatory School Students Attitudes towards Learning Management System .
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Learning Management Systems, which are used in the field of education and considered as one of the effective learning tools (LMS), have a great importance especially in higher education and in the last decade, they have been used by almost all educational institutions

Designing a school transportation management system with public transportation capabilities
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The safe, efficient transportation of students to and from school is a challenge faced by school districts across the country. Providers of public and human services transportation also aim to deliver their services efficiently. While there are a number of ways in which

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Title of the project: School Management System (A Case Study of Fatima Academy Nguru). The purpose of school management system is to automate the existing manual system by the help of computerized equipments and full-fledged computer software, fulfilling their

Sustainable use of MOODLE as a learning management system within a school context
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Education Queensland (EQ) schools are increasingly using Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) for student learning and other school functions. EQ is also incorporating ICT applications to streamline school management practices. This research examines the

The Leadership-Communication Relationship in the Inclusive School Management System .
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The leader of an organization must pay close attention to the communication act both for being effective and for its actions and actions to have a positive impact on the organization. This can be done if the leader finds a common link with the people he leads, if he

An investigation of attitudes and challenges faced by teachers in the implementation of performance management system in secondary school in Botswana
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This study seeks to investigate the attitudes and challenges faced by teachers in the implementation of Performance Management system in Secondary Schools in the South Central Region of Botswana. The study was carried out in schools in and around Gaborone

E- School School Management System
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E- School (SMS) is a web enabled application developed in PHP and powerful MYSQL database backend. To implement E- School schools do not require expensive hardware and software, all schools need is internet connection and desktops. Our system works as a

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An Integrated High School Management System Architecture in Indonesia
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Schools have involved information and communication technologies (ICT) as a tools to store and manage their administrativel. These technologies play a crucial role in promoting the unity and reliability among students, parents, and school administrator 23. In Indonesia

Optimizing Productivity and Quality through the Establishment of a Learning Management System for an Agency-based Graduate School
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The requisite for an organization implementing quality management system to sustain its compliance to the requirements and commitment for continuous improvement is even higher. It is expected that the offices and units has high and consistent compliance to the

The Implications of teachers professional attributes on assimilating a computerized learning and management system in an Israeli school : A case study
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Assimilating processes of change in teaching methods and their application in school entail considerable difficulty. The teachers ability and skills as a professional-pedagogic entity in the process of change is the first factor for the occurrence of radical change. This study

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The educational process is one of the most complex service-oriented social activities. In education, clients are not just students, but their parents, the local community, the economy, and the wider social community. Therefore, in countries with a significant degree of

The influence of teacher unions on integrated quality management system policy formulation and implementation in a primary school in the Johannesburg
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This study explores the influence of teacher unions on the formulation and implementation of the Integrated Quality Management System (IQMS) in the Johannesburg Central District. The involvement of unions in the signing of Collective Agreement Number 8 of 2003 and the

Design and Implementation of SaaS Based School Management System
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This document is written by Adedayo Babafemi Alao who declares to take responsibility for the contents of this document. I state that this dissertation is finished with the guidance of my supervisor. Software Engineering College is responsible for the supervision of completion of

Towards School Management System (SMS) Success in Teachers Perception
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ABSTRACT School Management SystemSMS (Sistem Pengurusan Sekolah) is a system developed by Ministry of Education Malaysia in order to reduce teachers burden and for Educational Data Integration. SMS is a type of Management Information System (MIS) and is

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Nowadays, web-based tools are in high demand and people are used to find information and do their daily work on the web. My project is to build a web-based application for managing a summer school . The administrators of a summer school handle a great deal of

Performance Management System of The City School Bahawalpur
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The purpose of this research is to explore the various factors related to performance management system used by the school for teaching and non-teaching staff. This is an exploratory research where data has been collected from The City School of Bahawalpur

Computer-based Military School Management System for Nigerian Army School of Military Engineering Makurdi, Benue State
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A holistic approach to managing the affairs of Military men and women in terms of education, games, physical exercises, absentees from classes, punishment and reward, report generation for control purposes which hitherto has been carried out manually, has been

Research and development of filing management system of school personnel information based on web
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According to the characteristic and experience of school filing management combined with the B/S network software development tools, set of school personnel filing management system based on Web is designed and developed. It can achieve computer filing

Preliminary Report: Development of a Learning Management System in Middle School Science Education
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We developed a Learning Management System (LMS) suitable for use in middle school science education. Based on an existing LMS developed for university classes, a worksheet system was added for use in middle school science classes. The combination of real-time

A Computerized Educational Administrative Information System For Post-Primary School Management Board (Ppsmb) Enugu State
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The manual approach used in the regulation of the school activities by the management board is very tedious and stressful. This research work investigated into the complications encountered due to the debilitation of man-power admitted into the school management with

The issues of the educational management in the romanian educational system before graduating high school
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The importance of the Educational Management considered a part of management theory, is given by two major aspects. The first aspect takes into consideration the delicateness of the resources the management deals with-that is children and youth. This aspect